Procurement Related Courses – The Advantages of Training Employees for Effective E-Procurement Practices

Procurement and contracting when done right in a business, can save it a lot of money and time. The right procurement practices can quickly sift through catalogs for the best deals, while proper contract management practices can ensure that people stick to those contracts. Taking procurement related courses is one of the best ways to ensure that you can observe good procurement and contract management practices. In this article, we will be looking at some of the advantages of training employees for effective e-procurement practices.

Greater access to suppliers

There is better access to worldwide suppliers when using e-procurement portals. This means that they have access to a wider variety of goods and services to select from, and they also have access to products that aren’t locally available.

Increased productivity

There is increased productivity when it comes to things like invoicing, ordering of goods, and speedy payments, meeting the business objectives and therefore increasing the productivity.

Cost efficient

Everything becomes efficient, including the transaction times, supplier selection, and the ability to source for surplus goods and services, and this, in the long run, leads to e-procurement becoming more cost-efficient.

Global Reach

E-procurement has access globally, coming with features such as supporting several languages and currencies. This means that suppliers and buyers can connect on a global level.

Reduced Transaction Time

Being automated, the transactions are faster, completed in real time.

Electronic catalogs

One of the best ways of marketing products is through e-catalogs, which can be sent out electronically, a huge advantage for the sellers and buyers, who can make comparisons from different vendors.

Public Sector Procurement and Contracting Training

Companies like ProcureAble are there to provide public sector procurement and contracting training to make procuring and contracting more efficient. They work in conjunction with professional bodies, universities, and management associations, offering both individual and group bookings by highly qualified professionals with proven track records to give the best training services. They work in conjunction with the Institute of Public Administration Australia NSW (IPAA NSW) to provide both accredited and non-accredited programs, their diplomas recognized by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Australia. Some of the workshops that they offer include:

  • Applied Procurement & Contract Management
  • Procurement for Non-Procurement Professionals
  • Contract Management Essentials
  • PSP50616 Diploma of Procurement and Contracting
  • PSP60616 Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting

Their eLearning programmes are made for government agencies and come with materials such as:

  • Workshop delivery
  • Pre-workshop preparation
  • Post-workshop evaluation
  • Assessments

ProcureAble has partnered with a number of professional bodies and management organizations to provide intensive workshop facilitation and engaging online learning. These organizations are:

  • accessUTS
  • Grosvenor Procurement Advisory
  • IPAA New South Wales
  • IPAA Victoria
  • Progressive Systems

ProcureAble can be reached by visiting their website and filling in an online form, or through email or phone as below:


For the best results when it comes to procurement and contracting services, it is best for every business to train their employees. ProcureAble is there to train the employees with the necessary skills.