Social Media Marketing Don’ts

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums of digital marketing. All the businesses, old and upcoming, are turning to it as their way of getting more customers. It is so interactive to the point that most people find it easier to have their problems with the businesses solved on the platform. This has made it the number one customer care outlet for businesses. We all think that social media marketing is just as easy as writing, adding images, and posting, and that is a great mistake. A good digital marketing strategy will want you to know exactly who you’re targeting, the time when they are most likely online, the sort of information that will excite the customers, among other things.

There are many things we should do when it comes to social media marketing, and the very same way, there are things we should avoid. In this article, we are going to focus on what not to do.

Don’t like your own posts

You shouldn’t like or favorite your posts despite the fact that you wrote or posted them. Encourage other people, such as employees, to like and share the posts.

Don’t neglect your profile(s)

You need to be active on the social media pages so that they work for you.

Social Media Marketing, What Not to Do
Social Media Marketing, What Not to Do

Don’t share too much

Don’t share too much information. For example, before launching a product, don’t give too much information, keep the customers guessing so that they look forward to the launch.

Don’t connect with everyone

Only associate with people that bring value to your business. You don’t have to follow someone back simply because they followed you. You need to choose who to surround yourself with.

Don’t forget to network

Social media is one of the best places to network and create relationships that can grow your brand.

Don’t forget about privacy settings

Take advantage of privacy settings and do things like protecting passwords. Also remember, the moment that you share something on the internet, it never goes away even if you delete it. Things like screenshots will always come back like nightmares!

Don’t be spammy

Everyone hates spam, which is why you should avoid sharing the same information over and over.

Don’t ignore comments

Engaging customers shows them that you actually care, no matter how irrelevant their comments are

Don’t delete negative comments

Acknowledge the problem and address it so that you can resolve the issue. It will show how proactive you are.

Social Media Campaign
Social Media Campaign

Don’t rely on automation

People prefer dealing with actual human beings and not bots since it is more personable.

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